About US

As a partner food bank of Feeding America, the largest hunger relief organization in the United States, our mission is to provide supplemental food to those who are hungry and to raise awareness of hunger throughout Mercer County. Locally, our role in fighting hunger and feeding hope is to solicit, process and store large quantities of donated food, bulk produce, and USDA commodities for distribution to our member agencies throughout Mercer County, Pennsylvania. Our network of member agencies aid us in distributing food to 3,578 households each month. All member agencies are 501(c)3 charitable organizations throughout Mercer County who have a shared mission of feeding our neighbors.


– Why we do what we do –

Our mission is to provide supplemental food to those who are hungry and to raise awareness of hunger throughout Mercer County. We exist to help those facing food insecurity. 

Food insecurity means not knowing where your next meal will come from and understanding the severity of food insecurity on a national level, and how it affects families locally, is crucial to developing effective solutions.

Feeding America’s annual Map the Meal Gap study provides valuable insights into the prevalence of food insecurity, shedding light on the specific needs of communities like Mercer County to help improve our understanding of food insecurity and food costs at the local level.

There are more than 15,000 people including more than 4,000 children living with food insecurity in Mercer County. To learn more about how hunger affects Mercer County and other areas in our nation, click the button below.

The food, it helps out a lot. We have 7 kids. I had two back surgeries and my wife’s hours at work were cut. The food we are getting really works to feed our family.


Father of 7

The volunteers, staff, and all who help to provide the food are amazing. God bless them all.



The food we receive from the food bank means a lot. Everyone is struggling right now I know, but even with work and food stamps we are barely getting by.


Grandmother of 2

Coming for food for my family is necessary. Everything right now is beyond expensive and the help we receive is appreciated.


Father of 2

The food bank means a lot to my family. With a family of 6 we wouldn’t ever have enough to feed our family without the food bank.


Mother of 2

This food is a blessing in times when money just doesn’t stretch as far as it used to. Times are really tough.



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